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Albury Wodonga Counselling

Counselling for individuals

Many people ask if counselling can also work for singles or individuals who come on their own.

I help singles who:

  • feel that it’s too difficult and not worth the effort being in a relationship, yet you still are lonely.
  • have been hurt before and are too scared to commit to someone else.
  • don’t like fights, so you run away when it all gets too hard.
  • are sick of the endless cycle of on-line dating and dead-end affairs.
  • always seem to end with the wrong person.

I help individuals already in a relationship who:

  • are unhappy and unsatisfied with their partner but you hate the thought of being alone.
  • don’t trust their partner. Always doubting them and wondering when they are going to leave you.
  • have very little sex any-more and wonder what’s going wrong.
  • seem to fight over and over again over the same old stuff.
  • have lost the ‘spark’ and feel more like flat-mates than lovers.
  • keep ‘sexting’ and chatting on-line even though you still feel for your partner.

Counselling can be highly effective for singles and individuals in a relationship who want to learn how to improve their current relationship or learn how start a new more meaningful one.

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Counselling for couples

Couples counselling and marriage therapy is really effective for those couples who want to ‘work together’ to develop a better relationship.

I help couples who:
  • are frustrated that no matter how much they discuss problems they never get solved.
  • never seem to be able to communicate without arguing.
  • feel more like just parents or workmates than lovers.
  • struggle to get over past hurts, including affairs.
  • don’t know how to be intimate, wanting more then just sex.
  • have an OK relationship, but want more excitement and fun with each other.

Every relationship has it’s problems from time to time. One of the biggest hurdles that a couple can experience is dealing with differences. Differences in values, differences in behaviours, differences in like and dislikes, all can cause conflict. Couples therapy using proven techniques, can be highly effective in helping couples like yourself work through conflict so that you both feel heard and respected.

Many couples, like you, find that as time goes on that their partner and themselves have changed. These changes need to be accommodated and understood. Relationship therapy and marriage counselling can help bring back the spark and excitement into a long-term relationship.

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Relationship therapy for Gay and Lesbian couples

Cyan has has nearly 30 years working in the GLBTIQ community, and has the experience and compassion to help you. All couples are facing more and more challenges in today’s world. Pressures from work commitments. Costs of housing going up. Marital breakups and infidelities all take their tolls. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered couples experience all these as well as their own unique issues. To read more go to Gay & Lesbian couples page.

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