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Albury Wodonga Counselling

I had been secretly sexting old girlfriends for a bit of fun and excitement, even though I love my wife. Cyan helped find ways to show my wife the excitement I wanted to express to her but was showing others.
- 28yr old male.

Trust is not easy for me. I never trust my partner, always looking in his phone and checking up on him as I think he will have an affair. Cyan has help me understand that I can learn to trust my partner again.
- 35 yr old wife.

I have ADHD, Cyan is the first counsellor I have seen who actually understands me and makes me feel good about my self. Unlike many others who treat me as being a problem, he has helped me realise that there is nothing wrong with me – that I am OK .
- 32 yr old single guy.

I have been trying to lose weight for years. Cyan helped me realise how much my painful childhood has affected me. I don’t get any support from my family, and my husband bullies me. Using the virtual reality therapy combined with Cyan’s help I am feeling good about myself and losing weight! Thanks.
- 48 yr old married woman.

My wife and I have been arguing and fighting ever since we got married a few months ago. We were desperate considering getting divorced. I was thinking of having an affair. I decided to see Cyan, after shopping around speaking to many other psychotherapists and psychologists. I thought Cyan seemed to offer just what we needed, and I was right. Cyan helped us see the way we were communicating with each other was hurting. We now share a more romantic and caring relationship.
- young couple.

I originally saw Cyan in Perth, and was pleased to see him again when I moved to Sydney. Being a mother of a 5 year old lively son, it is great to have someone to talk to who really understands and listens to me. Although I am now in Melbourne I am still in contact with him from time to time.
- single mum in her 30s.

I have been seeing Cyan for the last year and half after a long term relationship break-up. He has always been warm and genuine, I felt like he really was there for me in difficult times. I have gained a lot from the relationship and happily recommended his service to my friends.
- 34yr old male.

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