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Love bites: Valentines Day curse

A RELATIONSHIP counsellor is urging Border residents not to buy into the pressures of Valentines Day, warning the special occasion could lead to heartbreak if not handled with caution.

Cyan von Gija, from Albury-Wodonga Counselling, says the day can be difficult or disappointing for both singles and those in a relationship.

Mr von Gija said some of his clients had actually broken up on Valentines Day, because the experience didn’t live up to their expectations.

“What happens is the relationship might not be in a good place and then we come to this day … The expectation is that we should have a really special romantic time … but you might be in a bad place.

“While I’m not proposing we get rid of Valentines Days, I just think we need to take off some of the pressures that come with it.”

The counsellor said he would advise to celebrate the day in a way that “feels right”.

For example, Mr von Gija said a night celebrated with champagne, a limousine and expensive restaurant might not be the right fit for a couple that have just met, or those under financial pressure.

He suggested instead a laid-back picnic, or perhaps even celebrating their love on an alternative date.

“I think Valentines Day is a nice day, but unfortunately it’s only one day of the year and the relationship exists 365 days a year,” Mr von Gija said.

Valentines Day has traps for single people too, Mr von Gija said, as those without a partner feel pressure to get a date.

He said some of his clients contact him around this time of year saying they’re very depressed they don’t have someone to love.

Mr von Gija suggested those feeling this way might instead choose to spent the night with friends, celebrating with champagne and chocolates.

“Celebrate your relationship with others and your relationship with friends,” he said.

Source: Border-Mail


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