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Gay & Lesbian Couples

Unique needs of Gay and Lesbian relationships

All relationships have there own unique issues and challenges.

photo of 2 girls

Gay and Lesbian couples have particular special considerations.

Every person is a unique individual, and therefore when unique individuals come together they develop their own unique relationship. However it can be really hard to be gay or lesbian in relationship in the country.

Often many couples make the mistake of trying to model them selves on the expectations of society or their family – but this rarely, if ever, works. May lesbian and gay couples make the mistake of trying to act and be the same as hetrosexual couples. Often falling into stereotypical ‘husband and wife’ roles.

Gay male couple

Every couple is unique

The pressures of a hetrosexist and homophobic society, and the added problems of living in rural Australia make it really hard to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, let alone having to work through the inevitable conflicts that arise in relationships. Gay and lesbian couples have particular special considerations. You need a therapist who understands you.

I understand and appreciate the extra pressures that come to bare on ‘non-traditional’ families. I have worked with the GLBTIQ community in Perth, Sydney and now Albury / Wodonga for nearly 30 years. I have also experienced long committed relationships as well as periods of being single.

I have seen the changes in society from when it was illegal to be gay, with the risk of imprisonment, to today’s struggle for equality in marriage. Whilst things have improved over the years, problems with prejudice and bullying still exist. I have the unique skills and experience to help you get the relationship you deserve..

Talk to someone who gets you!