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Be realistic about Weight Goals

THERE’S nothing like the New Year to spark good intentions: Get fit, eat better, lose weight

But keeping it up can be hard, and there’s nothing like a hint of failure to make you give up entirely.
Paddington-based nutritionist Cyan von Gija said the most important thing was to set flexible but realistic goals.

“Rather than focusing on one major goal – like ‘I want to lose 10 kg this year’ – it’s probably better to think ‘OK, by February,  I want to have lost 2 kg’, so you can measure how you’re going with it,” he said. “It’s no good having a goal you ‘re not going to achieve..”

Mr von Gija said it is better to “push a little bit, but not too much” because an impossible goal is setting a person up for failure. He is also not inclined to set overly specific eating plans for clients.

“People generally know what’s good for them and what’s not.” he said. ”Normally I’d suggest to keep away from fried foods and cakes,
and things like that and incorporate a lot of vegetables. It’s more about being practical.”

One client last year was a mother with an Italian background. Cooking and eating large family meals were a key part of daily life. “It would be impossible for her to produce a totally separate meal for herself,” Mr von Gija said. “If she was just sitting down with some Lean Cuisine, she was going to feel like she was missing out. “So I told her to go buy herself a really nice and special, small plate.

“So when everyone else had these big traditional plates, she had exactly the same foods as everyone else, and she didn’t feel like she was missing out.”

Source: Wentworth courier, NSW

Be Realistic with weight Goals article

Be Realistic with weight Goals article


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